4 Tips for Displaying Children Photographs

For displaying children photographs, your style should be as playful and whimsical as the subjects themselves. Here are four tips for creatively displaying those fun portraits.

1. Size Them up Differently

Avoid having all the pictures in the same size. Varying sizes will make your wall or display area seem more dynamic. Sizes can range anywhere from 2x2 right up to 11x13. This will make the area seem more lively and fun.

2. Use Different Frames

If you’re putting them up on the wall, don’t make your frames all the same. Use frames of different styles and colors. This will draw more attention to your wall or area. Experiment with using homemade frames, like colored paper or cardboard.

3. Don’t Stick Them to the Wall

For a more fun way to display children’s photographs, don’t limit yourself to hanging portraits on the wall. You might want to string together a bunch of pictures, and intersperse them with cute plushies or colorful letters. Consider making a collage on a corkboard and sticking the pictures there. You can also try using different size bottles and jars, and slipping the pictures in them for display.

4. DIY as Much as You Can

This is one way you can be sure that your display area is as unique as the subject’s personality. Create decors for the display area, stick on some homemade decals, stitch on some fabric, and more. The more you create elements yourself, the more fun your area will look.