4 Tips for a Beginners Concert Photography

Each kind of photography has techniques that generally produce better results, and this applies to concert photography as well. You may have great skill in handling your camera in other situations, but once you find yourself at a concert trying to get the amazing shot, you discover it is not as easy as you had imagined. Here are some things to look out for in concert photography.

1. Use the Correct Equipment

If you are serious about taking good quality concert photos you will need to use the correct equipment. A point and shoot camera could do but a single lens reflex camera that has a zoom lens is your best bet. With this, you can easily zoom past distractions, even from a distance.

2. Find an Ideal Position

You need to find a position that allows you to work your subjects without much interference as well as allows you to change positions as you progress. You could begin near the stage and move to a balcony for aerial shots later.

3. Ensure the Right Timing

You will need to capture moments while your subject moves under varying lighting.  This is no easy feat. You need to anticipate those moments and be ready to capture them. Having watched videos or previous performances of the artists may help you anticipate signature moves, as they tend to be timed.

4. Relax

When you are new to concert photography, it is tempting to keep checking on what kind of shots you have taken so far or worry about a missed moment. Giving into this temptation will not add to the quality of your work. Relax and have fun.  You are more likely to get much better results when you are not anxious.