4 Safety Tips for Taking Baby Animal Pictures

The safety concerns for baby animal pictures vary based on the animal you are shooting. Taking photos of a puppy is a lot different than taking photos of a wild bob cat cub. Here are 4 safety tips for taking baby animal pictures.

1. Stay Away From Wild Animals

Keep a safe distance away from the animals, even the babies. Although they don't seem very threatening, they do have mothers close by whose instincts are to kill whatever she sees threatening her young. That includes you. She won't understand that you're just a benevolent photographer. Don't get near the baby animals and don't touch them. Besides, there's always the possibility that the baby could bite you.

Use telephoto and zoom lenses to capture wild animals in their habitat so that you can get great close ups from a safe distance. Remember, a wildlife photographer is a silent observer. 

2. Recognize When the Animal Wants to Be Left Alone

Even baby animals can get in a bad mood and attack when they're bothered. Recognize the warning signs that they want to be left alone. If the animal is hissing and growling, then it's a good idea to stay away. Also, never approach an animal that appears injured or sick. You should also leave the animal alone when it's eating.

3. Keep Certain Animals Away from Children

Children under the age of 5 are more likely to catch diseases from animals because they don't wash their hands regularly and are more likely to put their hands in their mouth. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends keeping children away from reptiles, amphibians, ducks and petting zoo animals. 

4. Be Extra Careful When Mixing Baby Animal Species

Although a photo of a puppy, kitten and baby rabbit together might look cute, you need to be extra careful doing this. Adult cats and dogs attack rabbits. If you are doing this, then make sure these animals are supervised at all times. You don't want any of them to get hurt when your back is turned. 

Baby animal photos are adorable, just make sure you're using common sense while shooting them, and you'll have a great shoot day.

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