4 Portrait Photography Techniques for New Professionals

When considering portrait photography techniques, you need to look at the client whose photos you are going to be taking more closely. You want to establish a rapport with them while enhancing the photos with the “you” factor. Here are four techniques for new professionals:

1. Use Wide Angled Lens

The use of a wide angled lens can give a whole new perspective on a subject. The angle can be important but so can the background, and you can get an incredible amount of unexpected results from using this technique.

2. Get up Close and Personal

If you get really up close and personal by having the client look at you through something that basically frames the aspect of the face you are aiming at, you can get stunning, personal and unexpected shots.

3. Experiment with Angles

Instead of putting your camera on a tripod and aiming directly, experiment with holding the camera at different angles to see the client from different angles. You would be amazed at the shots you can get this way.

4. Use Props

By introducing the use of props into your scene, you will both take your client’s mind off having her photograph taken and make her relax more, as she will have something else to concentrate on rather than the business of being photographed.