3 Ways to Improve Your Stage Photography

Stage photography can be a little challenging when you first start. Usually, the time for stage photography comes into your life when your children are in the latest play or dance performance. Anxious mothers tend to make some mistakes as a result of trying to get those perfect moments to keep. A few tips on getting the best shots are always helpful.

  1. Don’t Get Too Close: Simple enough advice, but most mothers and fathers with children on the stage try to get as close as possible to the stage. This is the wrong move. You should try for a mid way seat. From this distance you can get the full stage and you aren’t looking up at the scene. If you want to zoom in on one section you can, but you have the ability to get an overall picture without detracting from the main focus.
  2. Lighting: The harsh stage lighting should be enough to light the scene. Typically stage lighting is tungsten and because of this the lightening can have a detrimental effect if you are using auto settings. Instead, learn to use manual settings. Practice well in advance so it becomes automatic to you to know when to move the opening up or down.
  3. Use Fast ISO Settings: If you use a combination of fast ISO settings and a wide angled lens, you will get great shots of stage and movement shouldn’t blur or be a problem.