3 Tips to Finding Photojournalism Jobs

There are numerous areas where one can find photojournalism jobs. Here are a few tips to help budding or professional photojournalists find a job easier.

1. Be Patient and Persistent

Although there are numerous magazines, newspapers and other areas where a photojournalist can find work, it takes a good amount of time to find a good one which would fit their needs and capabilities. As a guide, it takes at least six months to find a good job in the field. Being persistent is a good trait to develop. Photo editors are busy. An application every month or so will increase the chances of making it through the competitive field.

2. Search Job Industry Banks

There are numerous sites which post jobs related to the industry. In some cases, these require a membership or subscription from the applicant to search through the listings. This can help eliminate unqualified applicants. Search websites for magazines, newspapers and state press associations for more jobs.

3. Post Work Online

For photojournalists that are starting out, a website or personal blog is a simple and inexpensive way of making their work seen by more people. It can also be used as a ready and updated resume and portfolio. Besides photo editors, a well made website or blog can attract employers and clients and influence them to hire a certain photojournalist.