3 Tips for Senior Portrait Photography

Senior portrait photography may not be a common field, but if done properly, you can yield dramatic and memorable results. It’s not an easy task, considering that the subjects are very unpredictable. You’re lucky if you’re faced with a jolly grandparent, but you might be tasked to take a portrait of an elderly person that’s not happy, is short of hearing or has a short-term memory. Here are some tips to make sure that your next senior portrait session is smooth-sailing.

1. Find a Comfortable Location

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your subject is comfortable. Find a location that your subject is accustomed to, such as his own home, a favorite park bench or even a restaurant. This is also an advantage for your photograph, because the location will have more meaning and connection with your subject.

2. Talk to the Subject

To make sure that your subject is at ease, be sure to chat him up the moment you meet him. This way, he will warm up to you and you’ll be able to direct him best. If the person is feeling uncomfortable, it will show very much in your picture. Try to goad a few laughs.

3. Be Flexible

Best of all, you have to attend to your subject’s needs. If they prefer to have a family member in the shot, then be accommodating about it. This way, your shots will be more dynamic and will have more tales to tell.