3 Tips for Making Print Photography Great

Print photography has come on in strides over the last few years. Today, with the new forms of printing available you are almost spoiled for choice. One can send the digital images in to be printed for you or you can do it at home.

  1. Printing at Home: Photographic paper comes in a home print version and comes in different thicknesses and qualities. It might sound strange, but do it at home isn’t always cheaper. If you are going to be printing a large quantity of photographs, you need to take into account the amount of ink you are going to be using. 100 sheets of photographic printing will just about empty your color cartridge.
  2. Normal Size Versus Jumbo Size: You will be faced with this option when sending your prints into a printer to be printed. Normally, you would probably get 6 jumbos and the rest in the smaller size. A lot of printers will offer a free jumbo for each set of small prints. If you order 6 jumbos you will have a set for both parents and yourself and a few sets spare, for grandparents or aunts.
  3. Canvas Art: Canvas art is available for printing of photographs nowadays and although it is still pricey, you can block mount them or make them into studio portraits. This type of printing in particular really makes a photograph stand out.