3 Tips for Making Creative Wedding Photography

Each and every bride will want her wedding to be special; help her remember it with creative wedding photography that she will treasure forever. There are some ways that you can make sure that your photographs will hold memories that can be cherished always.

1. Capture Must-Have Shots

When you head to the wedding, make sure you know what the bride and groom want. Sit down with them prior to the wedding and talk to them about things they want to see in their photos such as the people, the food, even their dog if that’s what they want.

2. Know the Location

It will be important that you know the location so that you will know what to expect. If the lighting is terrible you will do better to know that beforehand so that you can come prepared. Even if you know the area, the location or the building, expect the unexpected. You never know if it might rain on the day of the outside wedding or if something else might go wrong. You should try to plan for anything to happen. Bring two cameras with you so that you can be sure and be prepared if something happens to your camera.

3. Mix It Up

When you take wedding photos, mix it up a bit. Don’t just take all of the photos at eye level but also get some shots shooting down, or up, with different lenses and so on. If it is okay with the families, attend the rehearsal dinner and take photos there. Also take photos of everyone getting ready the morning of the wedding. Capture as much of the excitement as you can so that years later when they look at their photos, they will fondly remember that day.