3 Tips for Great Hotel Photography

Most photographers earn a lot with hotel photography sessions. Since the hotel industry require brochures and online slideshows to announce new discounts and features, photographers should learn some tips in creating memorable images. After all, it can guarantee being hired again in the future.

1. Focus on the Unique Features

Every hotel has a unique and special room, space and/or service. If the hotel has a new spa, a high-tech room feature or special freebie for a weekly package, focus on the room that can highlight this main feature. Other unique features can include menu items or special performances so take note of those too when planning the photo shoot.

2. Don't Add Props

Even if that lamp shade in the lobby would look great in the suites, don’t transfer it there if it means putting it back later after the shoot. Small details like that, even if they enhance the picture, will be remembered by the customers and that would be misleading them.

3. Avoid Too Many Touch Ups

While the photo might look good with pink highlights, using Photo editing tools to spruce up the room’s picture could deceive the clients into thinking they are being shortchanged when they actually see the room’s true colors or lighting. Try to be as realistic as possible, even if you enhance a brochure image.