3 Tips for Creating Rich Pattern Photography

Among the many forms of photography practiced, pattern photography is one that yields delightful results. Whether the patterns are natural or man-made, a well take pattern photo is always something to behold. Here are some tips that will help you as you get into pattern photography.

1. Identify the Patterns

A pattern is anything that occurs three or more times. Most people, however, will only be able to identify regular patterns. Other pattern forms that may include irregular, broken or multi patterns are more likely to occur in nature. Being able to spot these patterns is a big step.

2. Play with Lighting

Play with the lighting to give your pattern photos more life and mystery. You can choose to take your photo from an angle that picks the shadows or if you are looking for a bolder pattern outcome, use an angle with plenty of lighting. The lighting will be a major factor in the quality of your photos and you will need to strike a balance between manipulating it and getting correct exposure.

3. Experiment

Some of the most acclaimed works of art have been created by those who have been bold enough to leave mainstream and venture into the unchartered waters of spontaneity. Do not carry a check list to measure whether a subject qualifies as a pattern or not. You do not have to wait for the proper settings each time, but rather once in awhile simply go for it. You can even make your own patterns and see what happens with that.