3 Tips for Creating a Wedding Photography Contract

A wedding photography contract is an essential document that should be completed and signed between the photographer and client prior to the date of the event. A wedding is a very special day for the bride and groom, and they want to have high quality photos that capture it. A contract will let the photographer and the client both know what will be delivered from the services and how much it will cost. This prevents you both from having a dispute later on. Here are three tips for creating a wedding photography contract:

1. What You Will Deliver

Your contract as a photographer should clearly state what you will deliver to the bride and groom. Are you going to be giving them albums, proofs, or both? You should also specify when they should expect to receive the proofs and completed album.

2. How Much It Will Cost

Once your deliverables are established, you both need to agree to a price that will not change unless the deliverables change. You should also work out the dates that your payments will be received on. 

3. The Hours You Will Work

A wedding is a coordinated event so you should specify what hours you will be working. This way you will not miss anything important that the client wants. You should also have them allot time during that busy day for them to take photos.