3 Tips for a Contemporary Wedding Photographer

Contemporary wedding photographer is a term that sometimes throws a few people. What’s the difference between a contemporary wedding photographer and a traditional photographer? Basically you are looking at the type of posing and settings each one uses.

  1. The Free and Easy Style: Contemporary weddings lack most of the typical pomp and ceremony attached to a formal wedding. To this end, one needs to eliminate the formal posed shots that are typical of most bridal photography. You require having the couple in more relaxed type of photos, such as in a park running even if in full wedding gear.
  2. Imagination is the Key: Imagination is the key to your success in this type of photography. Do not be restricted by the bridal dress, but allow your imagination to run wild. If the bride is a keen rider, maybe take a photo of her at full gallop in her wedding dress. What you are aiming at is to create a memorable album for the future.
  3. Learn about Your Clients: Take the time to learn what your client’s likes and dislikes are. By learning and taking notes of their likes and hobbies you will be able to use your full creative ability to create a wedding album that will send you a great many of the bride’s friends for the next wedding.