3 Sports Photography Tips from the Pros

There are several sports photography tips which can help budding photographers in the field. Sports photography is difficult in its own right, as photographers will need to be quick in capturing the images at the right time with the right camera settings. The following are a few tips from professional sports photographers to become better in the field.

1. Be Prepared

Master the use of your camera and lenses from the inside out. Be proficient enough to know what settings to use to the point that manually changing settings becomes second nature. Study up on the sport being photographed to get an understanding of what to expect during the game. Know who the key players are and what they can do.

2. Follow the Ball or Action

There are two ways of capturing the action in a sports event. The first involves anticipating the action as the ball moves in the game. Another way is by looking for the action beyond where the ball is going, such as the player’s reaction after making a crucial shot or goal.

3. Time the Shot

Sports photography is all about timing. Photographers have to predict when a great shot will come and photographing just before it happens. Practice and take as many shots as possible. You may end up with a lot of useless images, but it increases the likelihood of getting the perfect shot.