3 Reasons to Use High Speed Photography

High speed photography is when a set of three photos or more are taken at high speed, one after the other. These pictures are taken to appear to freeze the motion. Here are a few reasons why it is often used.

1. Horse Racing

If you have ever watched horse racing, you will see that the horses finish so close together that it is impossible to tell which horse was ahead of the other. In order for the right horse to be awarded, the finish line is photographed using high speed photography. The camera takes countless photos as the horses cross the finish line. These photos are taken at around the speed of 128 frames a second or higher.

2. Photos Unseen by the Eye

High speed photography is used to take pictures of things we are unable to see with our naked eye. For example, pictures like these can show you something being blown out of a straw. Another great thing you can see is the pattern and the height of a ripple after a droplet of water has fallen into the water.

3. High Speed Photography

The police are using this as a tool to catch people who are doing illegal things when driving a car. The police have these positioned high speed photography cameras at intersections to catch people driving through red lights. These high speed photography cameras have two lenses that take multiple photos of the driver and the license plate.