3 Reasons to Buy a Digiscoping Camera

A digiscoping camera is a compact digital camera attached to a telescope which takes long distance pictures. The camera lens is zoomed to avoid “vignetting” and then is placed very closed to the telescope lens when taking the picture. Even with the new offerings of the newest DSLR camera versions, there are still photographers who choose digiscoping. Here are some of their reasons:

1. Easier to Purchase

Most long-range photographers already have a long-range zoom camera while bird watchers already have telescopes. Since they are the most normal subjects most likely to become “digiscopers,” they need only to buy either a digital camera or telescope. In most cases, low priced digital cameras are enough as is the same with telescopes to have a digiscope.

2. Easier to Carry

There is less equipment to carry since the two most important pieces of equipment are usually designed to be easily transportable: a telescope and a camera. Attachments and tripods are optional but are a great help; it is worth the weight and added bulk.

3. Easier to Shoot

The magnification of both the camera and telescope is quite large compared to any other high-tech digital cameras' zoom lenses. A 4x zoom for a digital camera joined by a 30x powered telescope creates an automatic 120x magnification for shots.