3 Product Photography Tips from the Pros

Product photography tips can come a long way for photographers in the field. Product photographs can help the consumer or client determine if the item in the photograph is worth purchasing. One great photograph can convince or deter people from buying or coming back. Professionals in the field have gathered the following tips for capturing great product photographs.

1. Go for Natural Light Sources

The sun is the only source of light which can produce accurate colors. Flash devices and lightboxes can alter the way a product looks. Color is key when looking at an image. Subtle changes in the hue can change a person’s perception of the product. Use a lightbox only when necessary, as this can produce a flat image with less detail.

2. Use Soft Light

Do not photograph under a clear bright day or have light sources pointed directly towards the product. This can create a hard shadow with stark contrasts. Soften the effect by photographing during an overcast day or in the afternoon. When photographing in the studio, use reflectors to bounce off the light or diffusers to soften the light.

3. Be Creative Yet Clear

Make sure that the photos are clear, capturing as much detail as possible. A white background is often used in product photography. When experimenting with other background colors, make sure that it does not distract the attention away from the subject.