3 Popular Websites Offering a Free Digital Photography Tutorial

While there are many places to find photography lessons online, there are three popular sites that are perfect for finding an excellent free digital photography tutorial.

1. Digital Photography School

This site offers in depth knowledge and learning tools on everything from basic beginner photography to developmental articles for the more advanced professionals. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, including: basic how-to tutorials, best lighting, equipment choices, styles of digital photography and other topics.

2. Photo.net

Here, you will find yet another great site for excellent free tutorials. They cover a wide range of areas as well, including tips on digital point and shoot cameras, sports photography, architecture and more.  They also have a fantastic forum, which offers some great learning tools and insight from other photographers as well.

3. GeoffLawrence.com

This is an excellent site for beginners to the digital photography world. The tutorials are divided into categories that are easy to understand, and they start with the very basics for the novice photographer. There are even lessons on how to choose the right camera and how to hold it properly.