3 Photography Tricks to Make Your Images Dramatic

There are various photography tricks that you can employ to make your images dramatic. This is mainly done by utilizing the position of the camera, the composition of the frame and the shot's lighting. Here are three basic tricks you can use to heighten the drama of your images.

1. Shoot at Low and High Angles

The position of the camera has a huge influence on how the audience will view your images. When the camera is placed low on the ground looking up at a subject, then the subject appears to look heroic. If the camera is placed high in the air looking down at the subject, then the subject appears meek.

2. Filling the Frame

The composition of the shot also has large dramatic impact on how the image is viewed. A subject that fills frame appears large than life while a subject in a wide shot seems small because he is overshadowed by all the other space in the frame.

3. High Contrast Lighting

High contrast lighting has more shadows than low contrast lighting, and if the shot is lit right, then you will end up with a very dramatic image. When going for a high contrast look, you need to be very careful with your light in order to make sure that the shadows all come from the same direction (and that they appear to be motivated).