3 Photo Tips to Capture Stunning Images

To capture stunning images, some basic photo tips will need to be adhered to. Regardless of what kind of camera you are using, be it one of the small point and shoots or one of the SLRs with telephoto lens, some things will always remain true.

1. Be Prepared

If you don’t have your camera ready when the moment strikes, you can’t ask for a retake. It’s no good walking around looking for a good photo, with the lens cap on or the camera in the bag on your back.

2. Use High Pass Filter

In order to make your Raw image clearer, use high pass filters. With Photoshop, this makes it easy to and you get far better and clearer image as you can manipulate the layers to suit yourself.

3. Use Your Camera to the Best Advantage

When you have the latest in technology, chances are there are a lot of automated items on the camera that can be turned off. Its advisable to turn of all the automated features that you are not actually using, as this will make the camera's reactions faster and more easily adjusted when you are setting the camera manually. It’s not to say you can’t use the auto functions; they just tend to slow things down if you keep switching over.