3 Important Photojournalism Colleges

Slowly but surely, the number of photojournalism colleges is increasing. Generally speaking, photojournalism involves taking pictures that are so good that an actual written news story is not needed. When you are picking a photojournalism school, you want to take a look at the courses they offer and the equipment that they make available to students. You should also see if the school gives student opportunities to gain real world photojournalism experience.

1. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas offers photojournalism degrees at both the bachelor's and master's levels. The photojournalism degrees that are offered by the University of North Texas are designed to prepare students for jobs as photographic editors and news photographers. If you were to enroll in a photojournalism degree program at the University of Texas, your instruction would focus on everything from studio procedures and techniques to print and film editing.

2. Texas Tech University

The undergraduate photojournalism program that is offered by Texas Tech University focuses on both film based and digital photography. Students are taught the proper way to take 35mm, medium and large format photos. Those who graduate from the photojournalism program at Texas Tech University can pursue a wide array of jobs, such as commercial photography and digital photography positions.

3. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University offers an undergraduate photojournalism program that focuses on both classroom and hands-on learning. Examples of classes that you would take at Central Michigan University include Writing for the Mass Media, Photo Editing and Photography Studio Techniques. Central Michigan University also helps coordinate internships for their photojournalism students.