3 Fashion Photography Tips

In such a broad and creative industry as fashion photography, many tips may be offered to novice photographers. Of course, there are many directly related to the technical aspects of the craft, many could parallel the business side of the industry. The best tips for anyone starting out are related to those things that a more experienced photographer missed when they were just starting out. They would like to hear about the things they wished someone would have told them along the way. They need to hear tips about the small things that are missed when a new photographer is so determined to master the craft and perfect all the technical side. There are three simple tips which will prove to be very helpful to any fashion photographer starting out on this very unpredictable road.

Tip 1: Always Be Prepared

Common sense tells us that being prepared is the best way to approach any situation whether as a novice or seasoned veteran. As a photographer who wants to achieve a large degree of respect and admiration for their work, this tip may prove to be the most valuable. Approach a photo shoot with solid ideas in your mind and a plan in your front pocket. Keep a notebook with you at all times and refer to it constantly. Keep reference images of lighting examples, themes, posing techniques, hair styles and prop ideas. No one is a bottomless pit of information and ideas, but the smartest photographers always have some point of reference and inspiration which insures that they can deal with any situation. Preparation is the key to success.

Tip 2: Confidence and Control

Every project must be approached with a large portion of confidence and control. Walk into your photo shoot as you would if managing a business or leading a company of soldiers into battle. Be a confident leader and control the flow of this process. As you work with models, you will realize that the best ones look to you for inspiration and do not require a lot of direction but don't let yourself forget who is directing the shoot. You must have the confidence to create the best shots and direct your subjects to make them better. Neither the model, the backdrop or location controls the outcome of your project. The project is only as successful as its director. Having the confidence and control to direct properly will guarantee success.

Tip 3: Stay Fresh and Busy

Never stop shooting or learning more about your craft and how to sharpen your skills. Take each opportunity to use your camera. Think of new themes, new ideas, and interesting locations. You must continually exercise your creative mind or you will lose energy, your spark and confidence. If you keep your hands on your camera and your eyes looking through the view finder, you will never get the opportunity to focus on anything but your next idea. Shoot constantly and always explore the world through your camera. As you sharpen your skills, your work will improve and never let you down.

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