3 Digital Photography Tricks to Shoot Like the Pros

If you are looking for ways to improve your photography skills, try these easy digital photography tricks.

1. Adjust Shutter Speed

Most digital cameras will allow a small adjustment of shutter speed, although the more advanced cameras will give you a bit more flexibility. The faster the shutter opens and closes, the less light is allowed through, which keeps moving images from blurring in your photograph. This is helpful when shooting action shots. The slower speeds allow more light through, which creates a blurred image.

2. Minimize Glares

A polarizing filter will help to reduce glares, eliminate unwanted reflections, and warm the tones of an image taken in broad daylight. If you don’t have a polarizing filter, simply take a quality pair of sunglasses and place them as close to the lens of the camera as possible.

3. Use the Auto-focus to Your Advantage

The auto-focus feature on cameras is very handy, but sometimes it isn’t practical. The camera may not know exactly what the focal point is supposed to be. You can correct this by manually changing the settings on your camera. You can also push the shutter button half-way down, which will make the camera begin to focus, and then push it the remainder of the way after the focus has sharpened.