3 Digital Photography Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Images

There are a few simple digital photography tips and tricks which can improve a photographer’s images. Mastering photography requires a lot of practice and experimentation. The following problems are common whether photographing as an amateur or a professional. Included are brief explanations as to why they occur and how to prevent them.

1. Create a Focal Point

Trying to capture too many competing details in one image or photographing from afar can confuse the viewer as to what the focal point of an image is. Before taking the shot, think of the main subject of the photo. Zoom in or physically move closer to fill a significant portion of the screen with the image of the subject.

2. Test the Flash

When photographing people or pets in a dark or dim environment, there is a strong tendency for photographers to use the flash. This can bounce off the eyes of the subject, creating a red glow. Avoid using flash as much as possible or test the camera settings using flash (and without) and compare the results. Another way is to not have the subject face the camera directly.

3. Avoid Shutter Lag

Cameras are easily affected by the slightest movement, creating blurred shots. Inadequate lighting and shutter lag can also cause the same effect. Use a tripod to make the camera more stable. To avoid shutter lag, hold the shutter button halfway down until the subject moves, then take the shot.