3 Digital Photography Secrets of the Pros

You don’t have to take a class to learn digital photography secrets. Here are three tips that will have you shooting like a pro.

1. Know Your Camera

It sounds like a simple rule, but it’s a good one. Read the manual and play with your camera. Figure out which settings work best for the images that you want. Then, when the opportunity for a great shot arises, you don’t miss it because you’re trying to figure out your camera’s settings.

2. Rule of Thirds

A stunning image does not have the main subject right in the center. Find one of your favorite photographs and study it. Imagine that it is divided into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. The focal point of a good photograph will be along those gridlines. This handy trick is known as “the rule of thirds,” and it is believed to be more aesthetically appealing than an image that is centered in the photograph.

3. Divide Larger Images

If you are taking picture of a beautiful building, try taking pictures of the smaller parts instead of the whole thing. Decide what is unique about the object you are photographing, and focus your energy on those parts. You can then make a collage of the smaller, detailed pictures to show the true beauty of the whole building.