3 Common Problems when Working in Print Photography

Print photography is a great service to offer clients. Digital photos have made it very easy to take photos without wasting film. However, many of these photos stay on the computer and never get printed. For photos to enjoy fully, you really need to print them out.

There are several common problems that can be noticed when you are working with print photography. There are many different formats and types of photo which can be printed.

1. Format

You can print the photos in several different sizes and formats. To avoid any white space around the image they must be in the right aspect ratio. To avoid the problem of white borders you will need to crop to make sure that the size is correct.

2. Quality

When printing these photographs quality is very important. If you notice any poor quality photos then you might want to first clean the print head on your printer. You could also consider having the photos professionally printed.

3. Smudging

If you are printing your own photos at home then they will be made up of liquid ink. If you touch these before the ink is completely dry then it will smudge and smear. This can make the photos look horrible.