3 Brainstorming Tips for Photography Business Names

Photography business names can sometimes spell the difference between the company's success and failure. It is a challenge to think of the perfect name for the company straight off the bat. This is where brainstorming comes into play. Brainstorming allows a creative play of ideas for business names to ensure several new ideas before settling on one. Here are three tips to start off the process.

1. Think of Related Keywords

When thinking of a photography business name, think of what the company is offering. Think of all the keywords related to your style, the target market and the industry it falls under. Consider making the location part of the name if it influences the style of photography used, the service provided or even the target market.

2. Use a Thesaurus

Once all of the related keywords are exhausted, find a thesaurus and look for keywords related to those you initially listed. For those that do not have a physical thesaurus, there are numerous websites which offer the service. Consult with several sites to get as many names as possible.

3. Do Not Write off Any Names

The brainstorming process is meant to generate as many names as possible within a short amount of time. Write down any names or terms related to the business product or service without considering whether they sound corny, weird or dumb.
Do the entire process during one sitting. Aim for at least 50 names before going through the list and seeing which names have potential. When considering the final name for the business, keep in mind that it must not sound negative in any way. Choose a name that is easy to remember, pronounce and spell.