2 Tips for Making a Panoramic Picture

A panoramic picture covers a much wider view than an ordinary shot, and is used for capturing landscape photos or a line of stunning structures. Here are two tips for getting an outstanding panoramic picture.

Tip 1: Use the Right Equipment

A panoramic picture can be made by using any good camera, as you are going to stitch the photos into a consolidated whole with a software. The trick lies in panning your camera without any shake from the same spot and maintaining the same level. To do this, you will need a sturdy tripod which has a good locking head that can firmly secure the camera without any wobble.

To make sure you are maintaining the same level when you rotate the camera, use a spirit level which fits in the hot shoe of your camera. To avoid shake, also use a cable or remote controlled shutter release.

Tip 2: Properly Compose Your Shot

Positioning your camera will play an important part in taking shots for a good panoramic picture. You need to first decide the things you would like to include in your final image. You not only need to consider the objects in the width area, but also the things which will get included in the depth field. The second factor to consider is the light. You want even lighting in all your shots, so try placing the camera in a way that the sun is not directly falling on it.