2 Tips for Indian Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography differs from normal European wedding photography in many aspects. An Indian wedding is far more of a public celebration than the European type. The use of color also makes it different. The European-style white wedding is not for the Indian wedding. Instead, they use colorful Saris and outfits of red and orange.

1. Take a Photo of Every Guest with the Couple

Custom demands that you take a photo of each guest, which could be hundreds, with the bride and groom. Make sure you have a large quantity of charged and ready batteries with you. You need sufficient flash drives to download the photos onto when the first camera card is full. You also need sufficient camera cards to exchange. Each guest, by tradition, has their photo taken with the wedding couple.

2. Take Posed Photos

Photos at an Indian wedding are taken both posed and on the move. Several important sets of photographs that you must include are the exchange of the flower chains or "jai mala." Another set of photographs which is very important is the seven promises which are made between the couple and their families. This is called the "feras.” It is a very solemn and all encompassing set of vows. In addition, there are many photographs which must be taken on the move. As a result, you will be moving around them continuously for many hours. An Indian wedding is normally held over many hours.