2 Photography Lighting Techniques for Beginners

There are a lot of photography lighting techniques that can be used to capture stunning images. Many of them take years of experience to learn and discover, but there are a few simple techniques that every beginner should know. Here are two of them.

1. Three Point Lighting

Three point lighting is the most common technique used for lighting a person's face. It involves first setting a key light on their better side. It's called the key light because it is the brightest light in this set up. Once the key is set, you then place the fill light on the other side of the person's face to counteract the shadows created by the key. The third and final light that gets set is the backlight. This light is placed out of the frame and is shined onto the person's back to help separate them from the background. 

2. Beauty Lighting

If you're lighting a person for beauty purposes, then you want to reduce the shadows on her face as much as possible. To do this, you place diffusion over a light to make its beam soft. Then you place the light almost directly over your lens so that everything in the frame is evenly lit and flat.