2 Digital Camera Photography Tips for Stunning Images

A few digital camera photography tips can help you create some stunning images. With digital photography, the image coloring can be different. This is mainly because there are not the same amount of f stops that there were with film. Here are two tips to help you take stunning images:

1. Use a Histogram

By using the histogram on the scene, you will see the range of colors. When there is too much white, such as in wedding photography, you will have too much light entering and the skin tones will be inaccurate. One of the more simple ways of addressing this is to shoot the scene at an underexposed range. To do this, it is best to use a handheld light meter rather than rely on the camera's light meter.

2. Create Your Image

Use your creativity to move around the outskirts of the scene and take advantage of the high, the low and the unusual shots. Waiting for the perfect shot almost always never happens. You have to create it. With so many photographers out there and the availability of ever increasing technology, you have to make every shot work for you. No matter how many digital camera photography tips you might read, the fact of the matter is that creativity is the key to success.