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10 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make and How To Avoid Them

If you're new to photography, you're bound to make a few mistakes. That's completely okay. Frankly, it's a necessary part of the process. Even the best photographers in the world have had their share of...[more]

How To Photograph Spring Flowers

Spring is in the air, folks, which means one very fun photo-thing... spring flowers. Every photographer uses flowers as a go-to subject at one point or another in the early days of their photographic journey....[more]

How To: A Beginner's Guide to Shooting Better Portraits

Everyone can point a camera at their subject, press the shutter button, and take the shot. But we all know that doesn't mean they're taking good photos, no matter how expensive that gear is they're...[more]

Tools of the Trade: How to Get the Perfect Shot

In order for you to understand how I achieved my final results, I have to suck it up and show you my failure. In this case, it is a really bad picture of a water...[more]

Photography Most Fowl

Photographing Ducks and Other Water FowlA duck by any other name ... So okay, I can't wax poetic about ducks. At least, in the past I couldn't because a duck to me was one of those...[more]

How to take fabulous family photos this holiday season

Avoid the pitfalls of ugly pictures and capture happy memoriesOne of the most popular traditions around the holidays is the family photo. While you certainly could go to a professional portrait studio to have a...[more]

Breaking Lighting Rules: Backlight and silhouettes

How to effectively shoot subjects against the lightWe've spent a lot of time talking about how to use light to achieve perfectly exposed photographs, and in general, the one rule we mention more than any other...[more]

Digital Photography 101: Low-light photography, part 1

Don't get caught in the dark -- the basics of low-light photographyJust about every modern camera has some sort of flash, but that doesn't mean that you will get very good results by using...[more]

How to take stunning black-and-white photos

This may seem like an unusual thing to talk about in the middle of the most colorful season of the year, but we're going to take a break from color theory and focus instead on the opposite: black-and-white photography. Why...[more]

How to photograph fall color

It's happened again -- somehow, the long summer days have passed, the air is getting cooler, and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes fills the air. Autumn has arrived! Across a large part of...[more]

How to Find and Photograph Interesting Patterns

From the Fibonacci spiral of a seashell to the arrangement of windows on a building, patterns are all around you. The photographic possibilities of patterns are endless, largely because there are so many different ways to approach...[more]

How to use color theory to saturate your photographs

A few weeks ago, we gave you a basic overview of color theory. This week, we're going to go more in-depth and explore how you can use color theory to enhance your photography.Mood lightingThe most obvious...[more]

Landscape Photography: Beyond snapshots

Tips for capturing the beautiful world you see around youWhether you're taking photos while on vacation in a far-off place or simply documenting the beautiful scenery around you, landscape photography is a great way to capture...[more]

Photographing The Sunrise

When I walked out my front door this morning, I stepped into the most glorious sunrise. It was more spectacular than any I have ever witnessed, with one exception. The clouds swept across the sky...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to photograph meteor showers

Capturing meteor showers and other celestial events requires time and patience.In an earlier edition of our low-light photography series, we talked about how to photograph the moon and stars. Today, with the Perseid meteor shower gearing up...[more]

How To Be A Beginner

I once heard a speech entitled, "How To Fail." The premise of it was reverse psychology. In essence, instead of talking about the means to success, the speaker listed the many ways to fail. It...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to photograph flowers

From delicate blooms to fields of wildflowers, here's how to capture nature's colorful floral displaysFlowers are pretty. But like that sentence, pictures of flowers can be a little boring -- yet another picture of a...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to photograph the different phases of twilight

Photographs of sunsets and sunrises can certainly be beautiful, yet they can also be somewhat repetitive. Many people think that if you've seen one sunset picture, you've seen them all. But if you stick around for...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to capture mood in your photographs

Finding emotion and soul in digital picturesThe most memorable photographs are ones that evoke a certain mood or feeling, but figuring out how to capture that mood in your own photos can be somewhat...[more]

Flash Photography (or NOT)

My photography tutorials, generally speaking, come from my observations of other photographers. I have found that people have certain consistencies of habit, photographers bearing no exception to this rule. It seems what one photographer does...[more]

4 Tips for Great Triathlon Pictures

Taking great triathlon pictures can be challenging. This article will look at some great tips which can be used to take great photographs of these races. These races tell a complete story which can...[more]

3 Tips for Great Kickboxing Pictures

Kickboxing pictures can be thrilling for a sports photographer; the sport promises continuous action in just a short amount of time and within a confined area. Here are some ideas to keep in mind...[more]

3 Tips for Taking Great Boxing Pictures

Boxing pictures are challenging to take. The environment and conditions during a boxing match can made it difficult to capture sharp and clear photographs. Mastery of the camera and equipment as well as the...[more]

Making a Snow Photography Book

Snow photography presents the photographer with some unique challenges which will need to be overcome. Photographs in snow are very beautiful and will look completely unique. If you are interested in making a snow...[more]

Making a Plant Photography Book

If you enjoy plant photography, then you should share your photographs with friends and clients. Photography books allow you to share your photographs with friends. If you are a professional photographer, it gives your...[more]

Making a Bear Photography Book

If you enjoy bear photography, then share your creations with the world via a photography book. Photography books allow you to arrange your bear photographs and print them out. Many different online companies offer...[more]

The Easy Way to Shoot Lightning Photography

Lightning photography can be unique and special. No two photos of lightening will be exactly the same. This is because they are random and look different every time. The problem with lightening photography is...[more]

Making a Lightning Photography Book

Lightening Photography looks amazing and can be used to create a unique photography book. These photography books will contain many original photos which can never be replicated. These photos are special because no two...[more]

4 Safety Tips for Taking Lightning Photography

In lightning photography, there is always quite a bit of risk involved as this natural phenomena is very unpredictable. You are also relatively exposed and most probably surrounded by objects like a tripod, metal...[more]

4 Tips for Taking Pictures in Hail

Taking pictures of hail with your digital camera can produce some unique and interesting results. However, there are a number of considerations that you will need to bear in mind. There are a number...[more]

Plant Photography Basics

Plant photography involves some of the more vibrantly colored and dynamic subjects in the field, creating artwork on film. No two plants or landscapes are alike, even when photographing within the same area. Read...[more]

How to Take Pictures in the Snow

Learning how to take great pictures in the snow should make it possible to capture some fantastic winter scenes. Winter and snow both go hand in hand. The great thing about photos of snow...[more]

3 Tips for Taking Great Reptile Pictures

Reptile photography is considered a very lucrative career due to the inherent lack of people willing to take reptile pictures. Though not all reptiles are dangerous, most of their habits and movement can be difficult...[more]

3 Tips for Grizzly Bear Photography

Bear photography is a particular interest of many wildlife photographers since it means taking photos of the natural habits and survival instincts of dangerous creatures. It comes naturally that despite the bear’s capacity to...[more]

3 Tips for Polar Bear Photography

Imagine yourself being on one of those polar cruises and for the first time trying your hand at bear photography during one of the cruise’s stopovers. It’s not a far-fetched idea since polar bears...[more]

Making Your Own Cloud Photography Book

If you want to make a cloud photography book, then the most difficult part may be taking the cloud photographs. To do this, you need a good digital SLR camera, a tripod and a...[more]

3 Tips for Great Cloud Photography

Cloud photography is the process of capturing clouds in different formations and movements as they pass through the visible atmosphere. This kind of photography can be used to help determine weather and atmosphere changes...[more]

3 Great Tips for Capturing a Light Trail

Light trail photography is a visual treat and offers many surrealistic notions on how the photograph was achieved. A light trail photograph is a picture (or progression of pictures) that follows the exact movement...[more]

How to Make DVD Menus

With the popularity of DVDs, it is essential to create DVD menus, which can become a part of a movie that you have shot on your own. Here are the steps that have to...[more]

3 Tips for Great Dawn Photography

Dawn photography can come out spectacular if you keep certain things in mind. Just half an hour before the sun rises, the light is not harsh or too dim and creates the best natural...[more]

5 Tips for Great Desert Photography

When taking desert photography, it's very important to consider the lighting and exposure. Deserts are extremely beautiful, but they are like nowhere else on earth. The sand will reflect the light which will make...[more]

4 Tips for Great Sunset Photography

Sunset photography can capture some unique and interesting photos that you will be very proud of. However, taking photos in these conditions can be very difficult. You will need to understand how to get...[more]

Calibrating Your Monitor for Photoshop

Correctly calibrating monitor settings can help the monitor to display much more realistic colors. All monitors will display colors differently and that's why it's important to correctly set them up. While the colors aren't...[more]

Digital Photography: Finding a Unique Point of View

By choosing a unique point of view, it should be much easier to take memorable photos which are very special. There are thousands of photographers all competing to sell similar looking photographs. One of...[more]

The Importance of Cable Release in Photography

A cable release can be used to remotely control the shutter of the camera. This makes it possible to take a photo without having to hold or touch the camera. This has a number...[more]

7 Basic Photography Accessories

There are many photography accessories that should be used to make it easier to take photos. Here are some of the most useful, basic photography accessories which are essential. Choosing the right accessories will...[more]

5 Tips for Great Christmas Photography

Christmas photography is very interesting and exciting, but is very different from normal photography. You will need to learn these useful tips which can help you take better and more memorable Christmas photos. Christmas...[more]

How to Make a 3D Camera

A 3D camera is extremely popular because it allows you to capture what you really see. The problem with these cameras is that they are very expensive. The following examines a simple way to...[more]

What to Look for in a Megazoom Camera

There are many different models of megazoom cameras available. This can make it difficult to choose which camera you should buy. Below are the features you should be on the look out for when...[more]

3 Cool Megazoom Cameras

Megazoom cameras are great for beginners and for people who do not wish to use the Digital SLR. Here are three cool megazoom cameras: 1. Canon PowerShot SX1 IS This camera has a 10...[more]

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