Windows Live Photo Gallery: Making a Panoramic Photo

Windows Live Photo Gallery makes it very easy to create panoramic photos. By using this software, you can use virtually any type of camera to produce panoramas. A Panoramic photo is where several images are stitched together to form one large image. This is perfect for landscapes which would otherwise be much too big to capture. The panoramic feature is new to the latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery. This can be installed on Windows Vista or 7.

Step 1: Taking the Photos

The first step is to shoot the photos. Stand still in a single spot and start taking the first photo. Then, slightly rotate the camera and continue taking the photos. These photos should overlap slightly to ensure that they are stitched together properly. It doesn't matter if the images are in slightly different positions because the software will automatically account for this and make it look perfect.

Step 2: Copying Photos

Connect your camera to your computer and select "Import with Windows Live Photo Gallery". This will import all of the photos. It's important to make sure that all of them overlap by about a third. Once the photos are loaded, you must hold down control and click on each of the photos. This will highlight them all to show that they are all selected. You can select any number of photos to turn into a panorama. The number you select will vary depending on the width of the photo.

Step 3: Making a Panoramic Photo

With the photos selected, click on the "Make" button and select "Create Panoramic Photo". This will stitch the photos together to make your panoramic photo. Windows Live Photo Gallery will then allow you to save the panoramic photo. Then, all you need to do is crop the panoramic photo so that it is a clean rectangle that you are happy with.