Why use a Photography Light Meter?

Photography light meters aren't essential for taking great photos or shooting great videos but they do make it much easier. By using a light meter it is also possible to measure the amount of light hitting a subject and determine the correct settings for your camera to get the best exposure of the photo. Photography light meters are a very useful piece of equipment for anyone interested in taking photographs.

Reasons to use a Light Meter

There are many reasons why you should consider using a photography light meter. The most common reason for using these is because it makes it very simple to set the camera correctly. If you are recording a video or still photo then you will be able to use light meters to make your photos much more accurate.

Why is Light Important?

Light is very important because it is ultimately what makes up your image. If there isn't any light then you won't be able to take a photograph. If there is too much light however the photograph can quite easily be overexposed which will create a silhouette effect which could be unwanted.

Measuring Background Light

Although it's important to know the intensity of any studio lights you will also need to use the meter to measure background light. This is even more important when working outdoors when the values can change quite a lot.