What to Wear Working in Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is an important and specialized craft. As the videographer, you're expected to capture every special moment that happens that day while keeping a distance from the guests. You need to be there without anyone knowing you're there. You have to blend in, despite the fact that you're carrying a large camcorder. Part of how you accomplish this is how you dress.

What to Wear

Weddings are formal affairs, where every man is in a suit and tie and all the women are wearing dresses. That's how you need to dress if you're shooting these events. You need to look like everyone else. In fact, you shouldn't get something that looks too nice either because you don't want to appear to be a guest (or stand out). Get something that is very simple and ordinary, so you don't look too good, but you don't look too bad either.

If you're a man, then you should be wearing a dark, solid colored suit. You should have a plain white shirt as well as a solid color tie. Wear clothes that look nice, but don't make you stand out. If you're a woman, then you should be wearing a conservative dress with a skirt that is below the knees. Darker colors are preferred over bright ones for blending in purposes. Also, make sure that the clothes fit you well and aren't too big or too tight.

Beyond the Clothes

Because you're trying to blend in and remain as invisible as possible, you need to concentrate on how you look beyond the clothes as well. If you're a man with long hair, try to hide it, or at the very least keep it well groomed on the wedding day. If you have any piercings on your face, then take them out for the few hours that you need to shoot. Also cover up any tattoos you have as well. You want to give the impression that professionals were hired to document the event.

How to Act

Keep in mind that the only reason you are at this wedding is because you have a job to do. Because you're there as a professional, there is a certain etiquette you must obey. The number one rule is no consuming alcohol. People pay a lot of money for wedding videos and there is nothing more unprofessional than drinking on the job. Also, no eating except for the meal you're provided. You job is to shoot cocktail hour, not take part in it. You should also refrain from talking to the guests unless they talk to you first, or unless you're asking them to do an interview.

You're job as the videographer is to be a silent observer. You have to shoot as much footage of the wedding day as possible, because you're immortalizing an important day in two people's lives. Part of how you achieve this is by blending in. And, how you dress determines how well you'll fit in with the crowd.

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