What to Know about Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Las Vegas wedding photography is by no means a cakewalk. A wedding photographer in Las Vegas has the potential to either make or break the wedding couple’s big day. You will need a lot of knowledge on subjects beyond photography to excel at your trade. Here is a quick run down on what you need to know.

Photograph Types

You will need to know about the kinds of portraits and shots that the bride and groom want. These could be journalistic and traditional photographs shot either in color or black and white. You should also be familiar with the chapel locations and the kind of lighting conditions there.

Location Preview

The light and condition settings should be recorded so that the equipment setup is done in a jiffy. Also, you will need to know about the best spots to capture a photograph.

Time Table

You will also need to know about the schedule of the day’s events at each chapel and wedding location to be able to make quick adjustments to your schedule.

Family Structure

A good photographer can easily identify the key family members and take quick wedding group pictures by quickly adding and subtracting people from the group. Also ask for the bride’s preferences.

Special People

There will always be people who are very special to the bride or the groom and it is your job to make sure that you have a list of these people. This is the most important group after the couple that needs to be clicked.

Vendor List

You will also need to know about other people like the caterer, videographer, DJ, band, minister. Your references can get them jobs and they will return the favor when time comes.