What is Lomography?

Lomography is the trademark of the company known as Lomographische AG in Austria. Lomography is based on the idea that you can create meaningful and unique photos in your day to day life. It is about embracing the defects in your images, including blurry photos or even the occasional accidental thumb in the photo.


Lomography is all about casual snapshot photography. Colors that are over-saturated and blurriness are just a couple of the things that are considered part of lomography photography. A light-hearted take on photography to document everyday life is a part of the lomographic technique.

Creating Lomo Images

There are ways to create Lomo images. The obvious way is to buy a LOMO camera. If you do not own a LOMO camera, you can download a free program onto your computer known as “Lomography Photoshop action.” With this program, you can increase the color saturation and add a touch of blurriness so that your end result will mimic a photo that was created by a LOMO camera.

Lomo Cameras

There are many LOMO cameras available on the market. You can also purchase an app for your iPhone so that you can take lomographic photos with your iPhone. One of the top LOMO cameras, the Lomographic FishEye Camera, is a 35mm camera that receives a rating of 4 out of 5. It is a fun camera to use. Unlike other cameras where you may not want to take photographs in direct sunlight, using the direct sunlight with your LOMO camera will certainly have great results.

Another popular lomographic camera, the Colorsplash Camera, features a patented color wheel system that puts quirky color choices at your finger tips. Both of these cameras are low in price and are not true LOMO cameras, but for someone that is just learning about lomographic photography, they will work well to test the waters and teach more.

Black and White Film

It might be thought that with high color saturation, using black and white film with lomography would be counterproductive; however, this is simply not true. Using black and white film with a LOMO camera produces photographs that have a classic, old-school feeling that only black and white film can produce. It creates sharper contrasts as the shades of blacks and whites are saturated.

When to Use Lomography

Any lomographic photographer will tell you, once you start using lomography, you will become addicted. You will want to use your LOMO camera all the time and you will carry it with you whereever you go. You will love the way your holiday photographs look and the way the colors of the holidays will pop. You will find that you have an insatiable desire to photograph everything in sight. You will never leave home without your camera.

You will learn to take photographs without even thinking of things like lighting or perception. You will throw away everything that you ever learned about photography and find yourself breaking all of the rules hoping to capture everything on your LOMO camera. Photography as you know it will be changed, probably forever.