What is Kirlian Photography?

By definition, Kirlian photography is a technique of photography that, with the help of high-frequency, displays the patterns and colors of an object's aura or energy. Kirlian photography is popular in the movie industry and can be seen in such hits as the X files, the movie “Omen IV: The Awakening,” as well as David Bowie’s 1976 Station to Station tour.

Set Up

To begin, sheet film will be placed on a plate made of metal. This plate is called a film or discharge plate. Next, the item that is going to be photographed is placed on the top of the film. If the item is an item, such as a coin, a ground is also attached to the object.


Next, high voltage will be put on to the film plate briefly, to make the exposure. The discharge between the object and the film plate passes thorough to the film. Once the film is processed, the result will be a Kirlian photograph of the item.

Kirlian Devices for Sale Online

If you were to look, you would find Kirlian devices for sale on the Internet. Many companies that sell this equipment will try to claim that Kirlian photographs are either paranormal photos or that the photographs hold information that can be decrypted by Kirlian researchers. Most scientific research will show that corona discharge can be explained by changes in the subject’s skin resistance without the inclusion of paranormal factors.

Other variables, such as air humidity, frequency, air pressure, voltage used and exposure time, will also influence the Kirlian picture taking. It is also possible to build your own Kirlian device.