What Is Equine Photography?

Equine photography is photography that features horses as the subject. Some feature simply the horse or horses and others feature the horse with a rider. Horses are majestic creatures that can create some really wonderful works of art.

Choosing a Subject

The first thing you have to do is decide whether you are photographing a horse at work or play. Do you want to photograph the horse in the field or under tack going through a jump course?

Choosing a Location

After you have decided on your subject, decide on the location. Do you want to go to an outdoor horse show? Do you have a friend who rides? Do you want the horse in the field surrounded by just grass or do you want trees and water as well?

Getting Creative

Get creative with your angles and focus; horses are truly majestic creatures and you want to capture that on film. Try getting them mid jump when all the muscles are fully defined. Try getting them as they run and kick in the field. Or, simply try to get them as they cool down in the stream or pond.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that horses are animals and are unpredictable. Things might not go exactly as planned.