What is a Giclee Canvas Print?

A giclee canvas print is basically a print that is produced by using a printing technique which involves the use of digital images that are scanned in high resolution as the source, and printing on canvas as a medium while using UV resistant ink. This kind of printing produces high color accuracy when compared to other printing techniques. There are special eight to 12 color printers produced by leading printer manufacturers that are specifically made for this kind of printing and will produce high detailed prints.

Used By Artists

This kind of printing is normally used by artists who do not wish to mass produce but would rather have prints made according to demand. The original piece of work will require to be scanned only once after which future productions will be easily done. You can also get family portraits or art pieces that you have printed out for home decoration or get a poster or banner made to advertise your business.

Size of Print

You get to choose the size of print that you produce and it can vary from time to time depending on what you would like to use it for. You also find that the quality of the prints remains exceptionally high even after producing several prints as the scanned image quality does not deteriorate.

Long Lasting

Giclee canvas prints are also not care intensive and will last a long time if not exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as direct sunlight or rain.

With so many great attributes in this kind of print, you will definitely be a huge market for giclee canvas prints if you wish to get into the business or a good number of providers if you are looking to get the service.