Wedding Videos: Why More Than One Camera is Best

Wedding videos fall under the umbrella of event filming. Things will only happen once and it is your job as the videographer to get it shot right. Unfortunately, you can't be in two places at once. That's why it's best to have more than one camera.

More Coverage

More cameras mean more coverage which means more editing choices. You can have two cameramen shooting in two different places without missing anything. Therefore, you have the ability to create a better video of the event because more is included.

Having two cameras cover the event also gives you more options as an editor to create a better video. If you're dealing with a one camera shoot then you might find yourself simply cutting out the bad stuff. But if you have two cameras you can cut to camera B while camera A is finding it's next shot. If you watch a concert on TV you might realize that they have can up to ten cameras shooting the event at once. This way there is always a great shot to cut to. In fact, the editing decision turns from, what do we need to cut out and becomes which of these four great shots should we use. It's always better to have more than one camera at any event.

Avoiding Jump Cuts

Having two cameras also frees you from only being able to make cuts based on what to exclude. Perhaps cameras A and B both have wonderful shots of the bride and groom dancing. A is a wide shot and B is a tight shot. You can cut from the wide to the tight shot because you want to. Not only that, but since both cameras were filming the same thing, you can cut on the action and not worry about having a jump cut occur.

Stay Organized

Video editing begins when you decide what you're going to shoot. It's important to have your cameramen organized so that they don't end up inadvertently getting the same footage. Make sure they know what areas they're going to film. If they're in the same room grabbing shots then designate one for wide shots and one for tight shots. They should also not shoot each other because seeing video crew does take away from the experience of watching the video. The camera men should keep in contact with each other so that they can strategize the best way to capture the moment.

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