Wedding Videos: Interviews

Wedding videos are a craft in themselves. After all, you're creating a product that two people will cherish for the rest of their lives and it is up to you as the video maker to make it the best it can be. One of the ways to achieve this is to film interviews with various guests wishing the new couple the best in their married life.

You need two things to shoot great interviews. Good lighting and good sound. This can be done with an on camera light and microphone or you can find a secluded area near the reception where you can conduct the interviews. Remember, the interview is worthless if you can't hear what the person is saying.

Scout out the Reception

Before the reception begins, quickly scout out the area for great spots to do interviews. You want to find several potential spots because the same background can get boring. Make sure that these areas are well lit so your subject does not look like a film noir villain. Also make sure that the area is quiet so everything the subject says can be heard. This is something that is always over looked by first time video makers, listen to this advice to make sure it never happens to you.

Shooting the Interviews

Once the reception begins, shoot everything you can. It's best to let people unwind and loosen up before you approach them for an interview. A good rule is to wait until after the meals have been served. By this point everyone has had enough time to get into party mode.

As the video guy, you're function at the wedding is to be a silent observer of the events going on around you. You're not supposed to call attention to yourself or bother the guests. Quietly approach your potential interviewee and ask if they would like to come outside for a couple of minutes to wish the bride and groom best wishes. Odds are going to be that they're willing to do it. 

There are going to be certain people you're going to approach first. That is going to be the bridal party and the bride and groom's immediate family. Once you got those interviews move on to other people if you have time. It's always a good idea to ask the kids at the wedding if they have something they want to say. This will get a lot of "how cute" reactions when the video is shown.

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