Wedding Videos: Filming the Set Up

One of the most important parts of a wedding video is the set up. By set up we are referring to the very beginning of the day when the bride meets with her bride's maids at the crack of dawn and they get ready. They put on their dresses and go through make up together. Although this is the beginning of a very special day in her life it's also the most stressful part of the day and you as the camera man need to know when to keep your distance.

The Don'ts

Because this part of the day can be extremely stressful on the girls it's important for you to make some boundaries and stick to them. Stay away from where the girls are changing as that could create some unnecessary tension for the rest of the day. You don't want to make anyone look uncomfortable.

Also, keep your lens away from anyone who looks like they just got up, especially your bride. This is her day to be the most beautiful woman that everyone will look at. Don't make her self-conscious or stress her out. Also avoid talking to them too as they are running all over the place. Their goal is to be ready on time and you shouldn't be hindering that.

The Do's

It is okay to start rolling once the girls are going through hair and make up. There is little they can do during this process and they'll appreciate the attention. Especially your bride. You should also complement her on how beautiful she looks. As the girls are getting closer to ready, the more you should shoot.


The photographer will probably have scheduled an hour with the girls before the wedding to start taking pictures. You should film as much of this as you can. It will function as behind the scenes footage.

After this you should leave before the bride to get to the ceremony. This way you can shoot her arrival. After that you and the photographer will steal the bridal party before the ceremony to take some pictures that way they'll have more time to interact with their guests. 

One absolutely necessary shot to set up and grab is the groom seeing the bride for the first time that day. He will be taken back by how beautiful she looks and it's your job to immortalize that moment. 

Try to duck out of the photo shoot a little early so that you can look at where the ceremony will be and develop a shooting plan. You should also be grabbing footage of the guests as they arrive.

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