Wedding Videography and Photography: Working Together

There are a lot of companies out there offering the wedding videography and photography as one lump package. It makes sense because both the photographer and videographer are there to document the event and they will do a better job if they work together.

A Brief Background

Wedding videos are a fairly new thing, having only become common in the last 20 years. Wedding photography is much older. When photography was considered to be relatively new it was expensive to get your picture taken let alone hire an event photographer. Yet, couples from every class made the trip and spent the money to get their picture taken together on one of the most special days in their lives.

Working Together

Now Wedding videos and photos are a standard norm. If you're the videographer or photographer and you guys were hired separately as opposed to as a package then you should get in touch with your counterpart. You guys don't need to have to meet in person and have a two hour long meeting going over every detail that could happen. A simple phone call would do introducing yourself. You guys should talk about the event like where it's at, have you ever been there before, what time should we start, what's the overall plan for the day, etc. The phone call does not need to be more than ten minutes. It just needs to be long enough for you guys to have a basic strategy.

It's All About the Schedule

Let's say the wedding ceremony begins at noon with the reception immediately following. You're day is going to start a lot earlier than that. The bride and her bridesmaids will be up around 6am getting their hair and make up done. The photographer and videographer are expected to be there. In fact, part of the reason everyone is up so early doing this is so you guys can take photos.

Usually the bride spends the night before the wedding at a hotel. It's usually a beautiful one because you guys are going to take a lot of photos there of the girls. And while the photos are being taken the videographer is going to be shooting as much footage as possible because the more video footage to edit, the better the video will be.

At around 10am the girls will leave for the place where the ceremony is being held. You guys need to get there before them so you can shoot the arrival. Then you're going to shoot a ton of photos of the wedding party before the ceremony. The reason to do this is so that the bride and groom can spend more time at the reception than with you guys. It also means that you guys can shoot more of the reception too.

Remember, the more the videographer and photographer shoot, the better their products will be.

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