Wedding Photojournalism: Capturing Emotion

Wedding photojournalism involves not just taking photographs of the bride, the groom and the important people attending the event but also the emotion and emotion and energy surrounding the event. A wedding is an important occasion which needs to be documented as accurately as possible. Photos which tell a story have several layers. With taking complex images, it takes skill and some luck to accomplish. Here are a few ways of taking great images.


Go Beyond the First Shot

Wedding are composed of multiple layers of emotion. Most photographers are often satisfied with the first great photo and think that it is done. But there is always something else going on. It may happen right before, after or right along with it. It is similar to a painting. There is the main image and the details making up the image. Besides capturing the major emotions, it is also important to take photographs of the subtler moments.

Be Patient

Wedding photojournalists need lots of patience when making compositions and staying with the moment. Always be aware of what the mood currently is and when it will end. Stay on the moment until it is gone or the photographer feels that enough images have been taken to capture and document the moment.

Be Familiar about the Subjects

Familiarity and awareness of the subjects can come a long way when taking photographs which tell a story. It helps photographers understand what to look out in terms of moments and the emotions involved. Seeing what goes underneath the surface and successfully capturing it what makes a photographer’s work more memorable.