Using Tilt Shift Under Water

Tilt shift is a type of photography that refers to the title of the lens or camera used to achieve selective focus. This is a camera movement that is used on small to medium format cameras. Tilt and shift is an optical effect that is used when a shallow depth of field is needed. The tilt refers to the rotation of the lens relative to the image.

The shift refers to the movement of the lens to the image. The tilt is used to control which part off the image will be sharp or in focus. The shift can be used to adjust where the subject occurs, without having to move the camera further back.

Set the Shift

The shift is needed so the image appears realistic. Without shift, many times parallel lines can converge, normally with tall buildings, and this can make things look like they are leaning towards the back. This will cause a displacement within the lens to get rid of the parallel convergence. If the photographer wants, he can use the shift to enhance this convergence for artistic effects. This is frequently used underwater to focus on fish and have the rest be blurred.

Set the Tilt

The tilt is what is needed for the subject to be sharp and the rest of the shot to be out of focus. This makes objects at different distances be in and out of focus depending on the tilt. With tilt, it is possible for everything to be in sharp focus, for several items to be in focus or only 1 item to be in sharp focus. This tilt actually changes the depth of field of the image. Tilt can be used to narrow the depth of field.

Use a Special Lens

There are special lenses available that are created specifically for tilt and shift. These can typically be used on most digital SLR cameras.  Many photographers require precise image control, and selective focus lenses provide this. Most of the main camera manufacturers have some type of perspective or selective focus lens. However, when looking to shoot underwater, make sure that the lens will fit in the underwater housing. This makes creating these pictures very easy.

Get Creative

The tilt and shift lens and features make it possible to take photos to a new creative level. These also can be used by amateur photographers, though for the price, the lenses are more geared towards professional or serious photographers. Choose different depth of field and sharpness in all pictures. In underwater and nature shots, focus on different elements and then see how the range of background colors can create dynamic images. Tilt and shift will open up another world of images and ways to compose and shoot images.

Issues Underwater

This type of effect can be particularly interesting with underwater photography. There are lenses created just for tilt and shift, and these can be used with underwater cameras. Therefore, when shooting underwater, it is impossible to alter the manual focus when shooting underwater. This is the main drawback with this type of lens. An underwater housing needs to be developed with a knob that can adjust the tilt of the lens. This can produce some very stunning underwater photographs, particularly near the surface where there is plenty of color.