Using Natural Light Lamps in Photography

Natural light lamps are used to simulate natural light. These types of lamps are marketed and advertised to providing light closest resembling that of natural sunlight. Photographers use these light sources to provide controlled illumination when photographing indoors or during the evenings.

Benefits of Using Lamps Providing Natural Light

Natural light allows people to see colors and hues in their natural and truest form. The sun is the only source of light which produces natural light although there are items on the market that are used to try and simulate the light produced by the sun. These types of light sources are in demand by artistic professionals who rely on seeing the most accurate colors but are unable to work during the daytime or under natural sunlight. Photographers, gardeners and other types of artists rely on the accuracy of the colors they see to produce detailed work. Natural light or full spectrum light is also beneficial in treating individuals who are afflicted with seasonal affective disorder.

Using a Natural Light Lamp in Photography

Daylight or natural sunlight is difficult to control. Although the amount and quality of light produced by the sun is constant, factors such as the geographical location, season, weather and time can affect the amount of light which reaches the earth. Direct sunlight is considered hard as it produces extremes from dazzling highlights to dark shadows. Photographers use fluorescents which simulate natural light to gain some control in terms of the highlights, shadows and color saturation. Controlling these light sources is still essential to avoid producing shadows under the individual subject’s eyes, an effect commonly attributed to fluorescent lighting.