Using a Nikon Tilt Shift Lens

The Nikon Shift Tilt lens provides versatile capabilities while shooting in a studio and taking photos of landscapes and architecture. The main purpose of the lens is to enable the user to control the optical elements inside and produce a PC (Perspective Control) effect.

Shift Knob

The Shift knob allows the user to shift the lens, in relation to the plane of sensor, to a range of +/-11.5mm. The shift adjustment will correct the converging effect often seen while photographing vertical sides of structures. This is particularly useful when you are not able to get away from the structure and want a good towering effect in your photo.

Tilt Knob

The Tilt knob in a Nikon Tilt Shift lens enables you to adjust the angle in relation to the plane of the sensor or film, in the range of +/-8.5 degrees. This allows the depth of field to be customized suiting the subject, which proves to be quite an important feature in a studio environment. The control enables the user to get the sharpest focus, and also the plane does not remain at 90 degrees to the axis of the lens.

The Nikon Tilt Shift lens also has a provision for the lens to rotate 90 degrees on either side, with stops at every interval of 30 degrees.