Using a Canon Tilt Shift Lens

A Cannon Shift Tilt lens is ideal for photography involving wide landscapes and shots covering architectural details. As the name suggests, this lens provide three unique adjustments: shift, tilt and also rotate, which can be used at the same time and also individually. These adjustments enable you to control the lens optical axis in relation to the plane of the sensor or film.

Tilt Adjustment

Rotating the knob of tilt adjustment, you can set the angle of the lens in relation to the plane of the sensor. This is mainly used to create a sharp focus to an area which is not in parallel path to the plane of the sensor.

Shift Adjustment

This adjustment will enable you to give a sideways shift to the lens, while keeping it parallel to the plane of the sensor. The result of this is to create a correction or enhancement of a distortion in perspective. It is mainly used in architecture photography as you can avoid convergence of tall building's sides.

Rotate Adjustment

You can also rotate the Canon Tilt Shift lens with the small lever meant to release the lock. This lever will unlock the rotational movement of 180 degrees, which proves quite valuable for certain shots.