Understanding Canvas Photo Prints

Canvas photo prints are all about creating art works out of an image, which in most cases is digitally captured. A canvas print of a digitally captured photograph can actually last for hundreds of years if careful selection of the printing material and ink is made. Canvas photo prints are generally preferred over standard photo prints because the latter seems to lose their colors in a 10-20 year period. Canvas photo prints are one of the best ways to print a photo for longevity.

How to Get a Canvas Photo Print

One of the most common ways of getting a canvas photo print is to use an online service to do it for you. All you will need to do is to upload the required image or mail a physical hard copy of the photograph to be printed. Based on the options that you select online, the company will then print out the photograph on the canvas and then frame it or mount it on a wooden frame. This will then be sent to you.

You will need to make sure that the printing company uses only archival grade material for printing the canvas photo prints. This makes them last much longer.

What Makes a Good Canvas Photo Print

The first and foremost requirement is that the image that you upload is of good quality and shot in a high resolution. You can always consult the printers to determine if the photograph will look good on the canvas. This needs to be taken seriously, as a blown up photograph can end up looking drastically different.

You may also need to alter the photograph digitally or ask the printer to do it for you. Effects such as red eye, lens dust, specs, smears or blemishes can be dramatically obvious in a canvas print. You may also want to consider the option to de-saturate (i.e. make black and white) the picture to add a dramatic effect.

Additional Options

The framing process follows canvas photo printing. This tends to be the most expensive step of all. You can choose your options from metal frames, wooden frames or the standardized gallery wrap. Gallery wrap simply involves stretching the canvas photo print around a wooden frame.

You may also choose to print the canvas in special styles like pop art. This will typically involve several modifications to the picture that you will need to approve before it is finalized for printing.